Myles Haverluck



Why patients should go to Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy?

Health and wellness are critical factors for happy living. No matter how good are other factors, if your health is not cooperative, they are obsolete. In growing cases of maladies and health issues, it has become routine for an average individual to frequently visit a pharmacy. Out of myriad of pharmacies across the country, it is a challenge to distinguish a quality pharmacy from other pharmacies perhaps not as helpful. As the need for quality medication increased the need for good pharmacies also increased multifold.  Patients have to deliberately elect a pharmacy that delivers quality medicines otherwise it would be the patients who are going to suffer in the end than anyone else.

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy sets standards for the safe and effective practice of pharmacy and promotes hygienic environment and puts forth a professional pharmacy standards in practice that are complaint to government policies.  Patients have to look for these characteristics in a pharmacy to get solutions for their health problems. The other important traits have to be:

  1. Demonstration of ethical behavior through care and compassionate towards patients.
  2. Maintenance of confidentiality of the patient and being trustworthy.
  3. Respecting personal and cultural differences among patients or public.
  4. Involvement of patients in the decision making process of medication.
  5. Being competent and abreast of scientific developments, new medications, devices and technologies as soon as they become available so as to serve patients with best medication possible.  

The pharmacy that exercises these traits must also possess a team of experienced and expert pharmacists. Competent pharmacy and ingenious pharmacists when put together become an excellent team and complete the definition of Quality Pharmacy. A team of 10 able pharmacists consists of professionals who are honest with patients, exhibit proficient knowledge, loyal to their profession and can take decisions deftly. There are just a handful of pharmacies that perform over and above to exceed patient’s expectations. And, Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy takes the top slot among that handful of pharmacies.

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is the largest provider of medications in the parkland area for decades and has been offering an array of services.

The important element that makes Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy special is its mission to serve patients with prompt, convenient and courteous service. With just three simple habits, Dauphin Clinic has proved its eligibility for the top position in pharmacy world. The three habits are implemented through elaborated preparations and procedures, and are completely absorbed in its working culture. Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy with its unique way of service approach has been transcending patients’ expectations and supporting them directly and indirectly in alleviating their health issues.  Patients who prefer Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy to other pharmacies are far more beneficial than others because

  1. Medicines are delivered free to patients’ bedside.
  2. Pharmacists assist patients with Home visits.
  3. There is a Drive-Thru facility for patients with repeat prescriptions.
  4. Pharmacist clearly explains the patient of each medicine and its usage.
  5. Pharmacist works closely with patient in Medication reviews.
  6. With the permission from patient, the pharmacy will contact the doctor and discuss on possible changes in medications.
  7. It has the best Orthotic Fitters with outstanding real time experiences.
  8. It provides Seamless Care all year long.
  9. It posses decades of Expertise and Experience in Pharmacy.
  10. The advantageous reward points system allows patients to purchase at pharmacy through points instead of money.
  11. It takes care of its customers with free health checkups such as Free Blood Sugar Monitoring.
  12. Patients are offered modern lightweight insulin syringes that are almost painless. 

Apart from these, the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy also accommodates new age services such as “My Prescription App” and “Pharmacy Counter Mobile App”. These easy to use applications (Apps) are highly helpful as one helps in locating nearby pharmacies and the other reminds patient of their prescriptions refill. The way they operate illustrates how much they care for patients’ well-being. Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is wheelchair accessible and they work on Sundays and all holidays too.

For every committed service provider to excel it owns a strong suit and in case of Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy it is its Human resources. Ten Pharmacists and a dedicated team of technician and staff strive round the clock for performance excellence and delivery excellence. Their continuous invaluable contribution in the field of pharmacy brought the present stature for Dauphin Clinic. More than half of the pharmacists’ team has been associated with Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy for a decade long describing the dedication and passion of the individuals towards the service they offer.


Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is known for its large stock of Over-the-counter supplies. They have health care supplies that can address any health issue from aches to general health maintenance. Being a responsible medication provider, it educates each patient about the over-the-counter medicine or herbal products they take via skilled pharmacists.

Queries are addressed with utmost sincerity and patience. Communication is as transparent as it can get as staff explains patients with every element related to medicine and health.  It improves itself by gathering feedback from its patients. Feedback in any form is treated with greatest importance and any corrective action is immediately implemented.

With each year passing by, Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is only getting better drawing inspiration from Mother Nature to aid perpetual healthcare services.